Are you tired of faking it? Faking you’re truly still committed to being with your significant other? Chin up as there’s something the millennials have come up with and it is called GHOSTING!

No need for a manual, just dig deep into your inner Casper. Ignore those calls, ignore those texts and if they still do not get the message then you might have to change your area code.

No? it’s never that serious? Think again.

Here’s a short story

Boy meets girl,

Girl gets to know boy,

She likes,

He becomes bae (Before Anybody Else),

Life happens,

Girl loses interest,

She sends a thousand hints to boy but he refuses to see what she’s saying,

An infinite cycle of failed attempts,

End it, Just Ghost


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A home away from home

My question is does this really exist? Is there really a place that isn’t really your home that 100% feels like a home to you because in all honesty I am yet to discover such, and trust me when I say I have moved around quite a bit.

Now don’t get me wrong, it may be different for other people as some people find their home in a person, and wherever that person is is instantly home, and even still goes in line with what I’m on about.

No matter where you live or whom you live with, no matter how comfortable they try to make you feel, no matter how welcomed you feel, if that place isn’t where you consider your original home or you’re not with the people who make your home a home then you will never truly feel at home, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise

Which only goes to prove the popular saying there is no place like homehome

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There is an issue of guys who are abusive to women they are in a relationship with, and these women find it hard not only to speak up and ask for help but to leave the relationship all together. It maybe because they are somewhat afraid of what would happen if they do leave or the fear of having to start all over. 89ea0f37cf1564bdee45bd9a62314621

What annoys me is the fact that these guys always try and come up with an excuse for being violent with the women in their lives. They claim they love them and can’t do without them, but at the slightest thing go right ahead and hit these women.

Some men even go the extra mile to hitting these women in front of their kids, not know a child’s idea of how a marriage or relationship is supposed to work is what they see in their home. Forgetting what you teach your child at home is what you teach them for life

It gives the girls the idea that it is okay to be hit by a man because he thinks you’ve done something wrong and also teaches the boys that it is okay to hit a woman is she does something wrong.

No matter what a woman might have done, THERE IS NEVER A REASON TO HIT A WOMAN.










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My Greatest Fear

We all have that one thing that we dread above all things, for some it might be height and others death and I’m sure a lot of girls out there will agree with me that rejection is one thing us girls cannot handle because if you think about it what could be worse than getting rejected by that one guy you’ve been admiring for a long time.

For me I would say my greatest fear is the death of a loved one. I can handle just about anything but the death of a loved one is one thing I won’t be able to handle as I wouldn’t know how to deal with the realisation of that. The fact that you won’t be able to see that person any more, to be honest I’d rather i was hurt than someone I lovedOvercoming-fear3.

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We might only be back from the summer holidays but I cannot wait for the Christmas holidays, the season where you get to see family members you don’t get to see that often, and if you come from a big family like I do that also comes with lots of stories and gifts, don’t forget the gifts.

Christmas season is known as the season for giving, and as i like to say “It is better to give than to receive”. I  however wouldn’t mind getting that new Samsung S6 edge in my stocking or the Audi sports. I know a girl can dream, but then again it’s not all about the gift.

I would say what I definitely want for Christmas is just to spend time with most of my family relations especially the extended ones and the boyfriend, nothing much is expected. eating more food than my body can take and just having a good laugh with the ones I love.

Christmas stockings hanging, Christmas tree in background, close-up

Christmas stockings hanging, Christmas tree in background, close-up

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Fast food or “food to go as I have to go” as i have decided to call this has to be the best thing ever. Food is cheap (most times) and it just in general saves time and effort. we don’t get to appreciate them until the days when you close from work late or have to work overnight doing a project and are either too tired, or can’t be bothered to make dinner.

The good thing about fast foods asides from the fact that they are fast as you can already tell fro the name but also the fact that you can get them in varieties now, ranging from Chinese to Indian to your regular McDonald’s and KFC.

The best part of all of these is that these days you don’t have to leave your home, as long as you’ve got an internet connection and a device that can be connected to the internet you’re good to go.

After a night out you can always just head home, get into your pj’s and order, knowing that you’ll have food delivered to you in less than an  hour. Another great thing would be the fact hat when you get cravings you don’t have to bother yourself about cooking even if you don’t have a clue how to make it, you can always order what you need, when you need it.7344241730_7d738cfd65_b

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I think it’s fair to say everyone knows the struggles of getting accustomed to the first day of the getting back to work after a relaxed weekend. The effort of getting out of bed and having to interact with other human beings around college or the workplace. it’s kind of a depressing thought having to set that alarm to wake up early on the Monday morning.

Teenagers most especially have a harder time with getting up Monday mornings and end up setting about 4-5 different alarms to get them prepared for the task of actually getting out of bed and even at that some still find it hard to wake up when expected which sets them back on their daily work, little reason why most people who have to come in for 9am lectures end up  most often than not late to class.

Imagine the effort one has to put in, personally i find it so hard getting up on a Monday morning seeing as i never get up till late in the afternoon on the weekends.6355965170837014771592115046_Screenshot_2014-02-16-23-38-282

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